The Wins Just Keep Coming

Baseball.jpg Freshman pitcher Mack Callahan is on fire recently pitched two, yes I said TWO, more no hitters this season. Wit games like this its looking like a fun road to nationals and possibly a trophy to add to that dusty relic of a case down by the fields. Let’s just hope this kid doesn’t leave us for greener pastures.

50 Year Losing Streak Finally Broken

.Baseball.jpgThis Saturday second string quarterback turned first string pitcher Mack Callahan pitched a no hitter against the South Florida Snapping Gators. After 50 years without a single win a complete closeout is beyond unthinkable, but we are happy to see it happen. Lets all hope this marks a new area in ETU baseball

Save the Annex Concert Building Buzz

This coming Saturday’s concert scheduled to take place at the Shickman Concert Hall has been moved to the Raven’s Nest due to the incredible demand and support received. Headliners include local bands Punk Weasel and Sassafras and thanks to an incredibly generous donations from the ETU Booster Society and Pinebox Camber of Commerce several carnival rides and attractions have been rented for the occasion. “I never thought we would have such rallying support from the community. It really goes to show you that there is still a love of the arts.” State Dr. Thomas Shelby with tear filled eyes. It seems that this now music “festival” may very well be the even of the year with just about everyone in town and on campus now looking to attend.

Martha Patterson's Annex Remodel

To stunned campus officials it appears during last weeks series of storms a group of vandals broke into the Martha Patterson’s Annex. Several student exhibits were destroyed or stolen including Samantha Wilkes’ award winning “Beautiful Smile”. putridity.jpg] Campus security is currently investigating the subject however, “With the power outages at the time evidence is scarce to none.” states Carol Keller, Campus Life Director. Dr. Thomas Shelby, Dean of Fine Arts has used this tragedy as a means to “bring a new level of culture to our slice of campus” by starting a fund raising campaign to rebuild the annex with a new sleek modern facade. Those looking to “Help Save The Annex” can buy a ticket to the fundraising concert on February 7th at the Shickman Concert Hall.

Blow Out at OBN
Holiday Party Has Big Suprises

pool.JPGSeems that last night’s OBN party had a few tricks up its sleeve with Freshman student Lampwick Shingle taking the stage to kick of a special effects extravaganza featuring fireworks and raining jello shots. “Those guy’s are a riot, I didn’t even know they were planning it.” states Head of Omicron Beta Nu House Vance Crawford. Other participants in the show included Second String Quarterback Mack Callahan and Senator Markov’s son Daemein Markov.


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