Mystery Driver Identified

Readers my recall last week our coverage of the mystery car crash along highway 96 and the missing driver. Police later traced the vehicle to ETU student by the name of Mathew Meranda living in the off campus housing district west of the main campus. When investigated police found the home emptied of all furniture and other personal effects. According to lease information acquired, the unit was leased to both Mathew as well as another ETU alum named Ariel Summers who’s vehicle is also missing. Neither student has been seen since last Saturday evening where witnesses report of Meranda ranting about pipes and visions. “It’s a sad state when something like this happens, but unfortunately some young people simply can’t handle the strain of academic life and simply snap. We can only assume that these two could not handle the stresses of academia and decided to move onto a life more suiting of their needs”, states Dr. Steven Anderson Director of ETU Student Affairs. Campus security confirms such theories as a vehicle matching Mrs. Summers description was seen sliding along the grasses outside of the Edgar Garland Student Center.


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