Disaster Strikes New Ninevah

Last night disaster struck the neighboring town of New Ninevah. Police statements report that a disgruntled patient took the New Ninevah Hospital by force yesterday evening. Details are still vague as to the exact nature of the perpetrator, however it is suspected he was mentally ill and possibly dealing with financial issues regarding recent medical bills. Not wanting to cause and casualties the local PD refrained from hostile actions and attempted communication in hopes to free the more terminal hostages. Sadly though a hostage stand off was not the plan of this violent as he discharged several explosives within the building.

It is assumed that the perpetrator had been planning the act for some time and some education within the demolitions field as the explosions decimated the entire complex including the police attempting peace in the parking lot. The casualties are still being tallied, but this marks a sad solemn day in Golan County history.


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